Monday, 13 August 2012

2012 - United Nations Year of Cooperatives

Did you know that this year is the United Nations Year of Cooperatives? In light of this fact a conference is being held in Macreddin Village in Wicklow on Friday, August 31st next.  A number of important national organisations are jointly involved, including Teagasc.  The focus of the conference is on the practical needs of farmers in bringing food products directly to consumers.

Since the goat industry in this country is relatively small, it is very important that we all work together to promote and develop the sector.  Cooperatives may well play an important part in achieving this. Outlets for goat products, be they dairy or meat, are not widely available and it is hugely important to be proactive in creating new outlets and markets. Whether you wish to sell goats' milk, cheese, ice cream or develop a meat product this conference will provide lots of useful practical information regarding the creation and development of a successful cooperative. Among those taking part are members of well established and highly regarded cooperatives already in operations such as Ring of Kerry Quality Lamb and Burren Beef and Lamb. 

For more information you can download the conference programme here.

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