Friday, 13 November 2015

A YouTube tour of Irish Goat Farms

I get lots of enquiries about goat farming in Ireland and answer them to the best of my ability.  However it’s always better to be able to see how things work on the ground and with the power of modern technology it’s not always necessary to spend time and money travelling around the country.
There are lots of videos about Irish Goats and related products available on YouTube.  Some of these are obviously very professionally done and some are more home-made.  However, they are all valuable in allowing the viewer to learn a little more about goat farming in Ireland.  In this post I’m going to highlight some of these videos to give you an insight into Irish goats.
This is a beautifully made video by Glenisk about one of their suppliers  - the Boons family in North Tipperary.

Check out Charlie Cole of Broughgammon farm in this light-hearted video by Whitney Oliver highlighting his great work and excellent products .
A relatively recent and very successful addition to the goat industry in Ireland is Aran Island Goats Cheese.  Learn more about how it came about and it’s beautiful location in this video from TG4.

St. Tola is one of the most well-known goats cheese in Ireland.  Both their goats and cheese making process are featured in this RTE video featuring Clodagh McKenna.
Another well-known cheese in Ireland is Ardsallagh from County Cork.  Jane Murphy demonstrates how she makes their cheese in this video from A Taste of Ireland.
Michael Finegan produces a blue cheese from his goats near Slane in the Boyne valley, hence the name – Boyne Valley Blue.  He introduces us to his goats in this video made as part of the Boyne Valley Food Series.
Ed Harper is a highly renowned goat farmer producing a range of goods from his goats on the beautiful Cape Clear Island off the coast of Cork.  Take a short virtual tour of his farm courtesy of Lauren Hardy.
There may be lots of other videos available featuring Irish goat farms so please send them on and I’ll be more than glad to share them!

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