Friday, 20 November 2015

Major Awards for Dairymaster Goat Rotary Parlour

Anyone that works with goats will certainly be aware of the labour involved in running a milking herd.  As goat numbers increase, labour can become a limiting factor on expansion and productivity and adding a labour unit to the operation can significantly increase production costs.  Therefore profitability can be heavily influenced by utilising facilities and technology that maximise efficiency.
To the very forefront of this technology is the new Dairymaster Swiftflo Goat Rotary parlour.  The parlour features a robotic carriage where a single operator can milk up to 1,300 goats per hour with a milking unit attached every 2.5 seconds.  This is possible due to its unique design where the cluster is presented out of the rotary floor directly below the goat’s teats.  This allows the operator to work easily and comfortably.  Rapid attachment also helps to minimise stress on the animals, which can have a significant negative effect on milk yield.  Teat cups are removed automatically when the goat has finished milking. The cluster can then be automatically sanitised to reduce risks of cross contamination and stored hygienically under the rotary platform. Automatic teat spraying also is an option.  Dairymaster also state that the system’s shorter milking tubes are designed to reduce maintenance costs and improve milking characteristics.
Recognition for Dairymaster’s innovation and excellence has come in the form of highly prestigious honours – nationally from the Engineers Ireland Excellence Awards and internationally with a Eurotier Gold Medal.  “Innovation in milking is key to Dairymaster and winning this prestigious award for our highly efficient rotary is an honour. Everything we do is with a focus on how we can make dairy farming more profitable, enjoyable and sustainable and this award highlights that Dairymaster has a lot to offer progressive farmers” said Dr Edmond Harty, CEO, Dairymaster.

It’s wonderful that a company from a small rural village in County Kerry is pioneering the development of goat milking technology internationally.  I wish them the very best of success in the future and look forward to seeing an example of this parlour in the near future.

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